Coming Soon

March 26, 2008

I feel bad that I’ve been inactive for so long. But I’ve been so busy with life and research. New posts will be coming soon. Here’s a sampler of things I’m working on now.

  • The increasingly blurred line between art and child porn.
  • A way of getting around the prohibition of journalists seeing child porn in order to critically evaluate whether what we’re told by the government about child porn has any basis in fact. Don’t worry, no laws will be broken.
  • A friend of a friend. Or more like a friend’s brother’s friend. I’m now in an interesting predicament. Someone I’ve actually met in person two or three times has been arrested and charged and jailed, but not yet convicted of a child porn related offense. I really want to talk to this person about his situation, but I don’t know how to go about it. How could I explain to my friend, who doesn’t know I run this blog, why I want to get in touch with his brother’s friend, who’s now in jail? I’m working on it! I’m working on it!

Stay tuned.