October 24, 2008

Innocent images update

The Innocent Images Project was delayed because I couldn’t get myself registered with the Pirate Bay’s blogging service. They are new to the game, so maybe they are still working out the bugs. But I’ve had success in using their image hosting service. For now the Innocent Images Project will have it’s text hosted here but the images whose links you’ll have to affirmatively click in order to see will be hosted on Bayimg. The subject of the first Innocent Images post will be Robert Mapplethorpe’s Rosie.

Where I’ve been visiting

A fact of life in child porn blogging is getting called a pedophile and accused of surfing for child porn just because you question the government’s claims about child porn. On that note I’ve discovered sites online where self declared pedophiles visit and post messages. Not surprisingly, they sometimes talk about child porn. In fairness to these self declared pedophiles, I’ll say that child porn represents only a very small percentage of their postings. Most messages there don’t have anything to do with child porn, and those that do usually involve efforts to criminalize artistic representations of children, or teens being charged as child pornographers for photographing themselves. I respect the intelligence of my readers, so I won’t insult your intelligence by protecting you from seeing legal sites that I’ve seen. I’ve seen nothing on either site that in my non-lawyerly opinion could be construed as illegal in the United States. These sites were interesting because there I saw intelligent discussion of child porn, not hysterical over reaction and blind acceptance of government rhetoric. Despite my non pedophile status, I was allowed to register at both sites. In the second week of October, I posted an introduction at both. As a follow up to my introductions, one poster told me that “pornography is really a side issue here”. From what I’ve seen he’s right, and that got me to consider why I blog about child porn. Eventually I wrote back to him.

You know, I don’t really see what I’m doing as being about child porn. I just use child porn as a focal point. It’s really about abuse of authority, thought policing, the government’s desire to work around the constitution to censor the public, the prison industrial complex, and more. The parallels between the war on child porn and the war on drugs are frightening.

The sites are called Girl Chat and Boy Chat. Both are primitive message forums where you read posts without having to register. Read if you wish. My name there is the same as here, CP Explosion. I’d suggest not leaving these sites up on your screen for your boss or significant other to see. He/she might wonder what you’re up to.

What this blog is not about, but still a link

I never intended this blog to be about sex offenders. But the issue of sex offenders is very complex and is fraught many of the same issues as child porn. But I’ve decided to post one link to an essay dealing with sex offenders. Why? Well, for two reasons. One reason is that in the United States, and I think in Britain also, those convicted of viewing child porn are considered sex offenders and are subject to enrollment in sex offender registries. I find it weird that people who look at pictures are cast into the same bin with people who forcibly rape real people. The other reason is that this essay’s anonymous author also uses a quote I’ve used before.

The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation. – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Please think to read Does America Really Need Its Own Holocaust?

Coming soon

Chatter, and a chapter by chapter book review.

Innocent Images Project

October 11, 2008

In about a week I want to launch the Innocent Images Project. This project will slowly amass and present to you images that have been suspected of being child porn, but have been cleared of that accusation.

Given the habit of the media to blindly repeat the mantra that child porn is a permanent record of children being sexually abused I think it’s important for the public to know and see just what kind of images were suspected, but fortunately cleared, of being permanent records of children being sexually abused.

In my opinion, any adult who cannot look at an image of a naked child without being disturbed or disgusted may have some kind of disorder or phobia and should seek professional help.

Child porn is at the heart of our new sexual absolutism. Its laws have criminalized both artistic representation and objective intellectual examination and speculation. -The website http://www.inquisition21.com/

This is the first of a new category of posts I’m calling ‘Other Victims’. I’ll be highlighting the forgotten victims of the child porn inquisition. For background a full reading of The Crimen Exceptum will be helpful. It begins

The crimen exceptum is central to every inquisition, whether it be heresy, witchcraft, being a Jew, a Red under the bed or today one accused of child sex abuse or accessing child pornography. The crimen exceptum requires the suspension of due process and all real processes of justice. You do not need to be tried and convicted, merely accused.

Lt. Todd Chism, a Spokane, Washington firefighter, is one soon to be forgotten victim. Lt. Chism “was arrested and accused by the Washington State Patrol of possessing child pornography, then was released after investigators determined he was innocent”. The full text, as long is it remains available is here. The evidence used to justify the arrest was flimsy at best. The problem is that these days being arrested and accused of child porn possession or downloading is tantamount to being found guilty. Why? Well consider that case of Michael D. Gates of Coopersburg, PA. As of today, October 2, 2008, Gates has been arrested and charged, but not tried or convicted or plead guilty to child porn possession. Some of the comments to the news story I linked include

“Shoot him” – Dave1206

“Hang him by his testicles.” – OMG

“Tattoo his forehead ‘pervert’. Then castrate him!” – Parent of Two

This is what people are saying about a man who has not yet been convicted of anything. Gates has not yet had his day in court. Gates has not yet been tried by a jury of his peers. Gates should be presumed innocent still since he’s not yet been found guilty of anything. Yet we get responses like those above. I think Gates probably is guilty as charged, and will either plead guilty or will be found guilty at trial, but he deserves his day in court. Now consider that the comments being made about Gates are probably the same kind of comments that were made about Lt. Chism, a completely innocent man, when news of his arrest first broke.

Fortunately for Lt. Chism

Marcus Lawson, a forensic expert and former federal agent hired by Chism’s lawyer and now the president of Global CompuSearch, concluded that the evidence used to arrest Chism and search his home was “insufficient for a search warrant, let alone an arrest warrant.

The case originated in the patrol’s missing and exploited children Unit with a tip that included a Yahoo e-mail account associated with downloading hundreds of digital images of child pornography.

Investigators found Todd and Nicole Chism’s credit card had been used in one of the internet protocol addresses associated with the Yahoo account, “but they couldn’t definitively link the porn to the Chisms’ computer or home address or anywhere,” DeVere said.

Detectives found fraudulent activity had been reported on three of the four credit card numbers associated with the Chisms’ Bank of America account but not the fourth, which was the one used to buy the porn, DeVere said.

This reeks of the travesty know as Operation Ore in the UK, where hundreds, perhaps thousands of identity theft victims may have been falsely accused of downloading child porn. The police agency, the Washington State Patrol, responsible for this miscarriage of justice against Lt. Chism, as you might expect, feels they’ve done nothing wrong. They state

“When you have this type of crime, where time is of the essence for evidence destruction, we have to do everything we can for the safety of children and people,” DeVere said. “We are going to investigate that crime very vigorously to make sure that children are not exploited.”

So DeVere, can you enlighten us about how looking at pictures, even if Lt. Chism had been doing that, which he wasn’t, would have been exploiting children? Evidence destruction? They didn’t have any evidence. The Washington State Patrol went fishing for evidence armed not with a fishing pole but with an arrest warrant.