I didn’t make this version. A man from the UK, Dr. Nigel Leigh Oldfield, runs a news aggregation blog Critical Estoppel covering issues of law, criminality, mental health, and sexuality. Dr. Oldfield has a channel at YouTube, where he recently posted a video The Myth of Commercial CP – Part I. Many of the points I make in my first post, The $20 Billion Lie, are covered in Dr. Oldfield’s production.

Also on YouTube and linked on the home page of Critical Estoppel is an appearance by Dr. Oldfield on a UK news show “Newsnight.” Fair warning: Dr. Oldfield freely admits to a past conviction in the UK for possession of child porn.

It’s interesting that the host and the guest Michelle Elliot seem unable to conceive of any child porn as being anything other than a horrible abuse of a child. Maybe the host and Michelle missed this article at Popular Photography.