I knew there’d be hate mail (hate comments) from irate readers. A few will be posted here for posterity along with my sometimes snide replies

“You slide back under your rock pedophile, anyone who supports child pornography, is a pedophile! Has law enforcement checked your hard drive lately shithead?”

This person manages two sweeping generalizations in two sentences. They seem to think that anyone not blindly accepting the Big Lie surrounding child porn is a pedophile with a child porn collection. People like this commentator try to limit debate and discussion of controversial issues by slinging mud at me, rather than refuting the things I say. This mirrors the practice of suggesting that those opposing the excesses of the Patriot Act are aiding or abetting terrorists. Well, buddy, as I told another person, whether me, you, or anyone else is a pedophile is irrelevant to the points made on CP Explosion. And no, since I don’t yet live in a police state, my hard drive hasn’t been checked for subversive materials recently. When it is, all they’ll find is the XML file of this blog and lots of saved news stories about child porn.

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