Is this blog legal?

First a disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not involved in the legal profession in any way.

It is my intent that this blog will be completely legal in the USA. It doesn’t contain or link to child pornography. It doesn’t advocate that anyone should access or produce child pornography in violation of existing law.

As best I can tell, this blog also fully complies with the ToS.

If you feel that something in this blog is illegal in the USA or is in violation of ToS, please leave a comment here. Try to be specific about what content you feel is illegal or violates the ToS. I will either correct the offending content or explain why I disagree with you.

Even if you cannot find anything you think is illegal, but still feel the need to report me to someone, I suggest the FBI… when they get done scouring our library records perhaps they can get to your complaint.

One Response to “Legal issues”

  1. Robin Sharpe Says:

    I just came across your site via BoyChat. I like it. I seldom see a spirited defense of cp. You may have heard of me, mine was a big case in Canada. I wrote a lengthy book on it which can find at the above site. The first few paragraphs of Part One will give you the general idea. I also have a personal website which may be down at present:

    Robin Sharpe

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