Now watch what you say or they’ll be calling you a radical… liberal… fanatical… criminal. – Supertramp, “The Logical Song”

On another forum, I found a person with a like mind! I should bring this guy on as co-author of CP Explosion. I’ve long though that simple thought experiments would easily debunk many of the ridiculous, absolutist assertions made about child porn. A poster by name of Cangee, on a ahhh… very interesting forum, wrote the following as part of a thread about child porn.

I propose that a number of experiments be set up to study the properties of this amazing phenomenon of children being abused merely by the act of someone looking at pornography of them. Some of these experiments aren’t very practical and are more thought experiments than anything, but I’m sure methods can be devised with which to test the effects.

Experiment 1:
Assuming that a photograph of a nude child is not child pornography, but a photograph that is zoomed in on the nude child’s genitals is, what is the effect of taking a nude photo of a child, and cropping it to only show the genitals? Does the child who was in the photograph experience the effects of abuse when the cropping occurs? What if a computer is set up to automatically crop, and then someone *views* the cropped image later. Does the child experience the effects of abuse when the computer crops the file? Or only when the person observes the cropped image? An experiment should be set up with a computer and an observer, and a child in a separate room hooked up to monitors that can measure the amount of abuse that the child has sustained.

Experiment 2:
In order for the information about the abuse to travel from the viewed photograph to the child, there must be some sort of abuse wave or particle that communicates this information. What is the speed that this information propagates? If a child is on earth, and a pornographic photograph of her is on a space station a light year away, and someone on the space station views the photograph, does the child experience the abuse a year or more later due to light travel time? Or is the abuse immediately felt like some sort of “spooky action at a distance”, defying relativity?

Experiment 3:
What happens when a pornographic photograph is viewed that is a century or so old, and the child in the photograph has long since grown old and died. Assuming that the postulate of ‘all viewing of child pornography abuses the child in it’ is correct, how does the deceased child in the photograph become abused? Perhaps the abuse particle is some sort of tachyon and moves backwards in time to when the child was still alive? Viewing the photograph in the present causes the child to be abused in the past.

The ‘viewing → abuse’ postulate certainly generates some fascinating effects which will certainly advance our understanding of the universe.

Eternally searching for the elusive abuse particle,

Thanks, Cangee, for taking a load off my back. I couldn’t have done better myself.

While doing my duty to God and my country by reading news reports about child porn, I found this lame story courtesy of WTAE TV4 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Apparently a Pittsburgh area state trooper teamed with a computer crime task force to seek out child porn suspects. In place since November 2006 the team has identified four suspects. I hope for the sake of Pennsylvanians’ pocket books that the trooper hasn’t been working full time for over two months on that highly productive endeavor. Oh, did I mention that two of the four suspects are themselves minors?

Well, presumably (though some might say foolishly) Pennsylvanians would rather have their state troopers fighting child porn rather than being out there viewing it for pleasure as cops in Wisconsin and Texas have been doing.