Fox in the Hen House – Take 2

June 1, 2010

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? -Juvenal (Literally: “Who will guard the guards themselves?” modern usage: “Who watches the watchmen?”)

Stephen Mason, blogging for Psychology Today, posted a piece he called Kiddie Porn. It’s a great read. It’s theme is very much the theme of the fox in the hen house. But the best and most relevant part of his post I’ll save for almost last. In all the clips below the emphasis was made by me.

Years ago, practically the entire staff of a day school in Southern California was locked up after kids related lurid tales of Satanic rituals conducted in a series of underground bunkers. In the end, the school building was razed and the grounds torn up in a futile search for the lustful lairs .

This reminds me of the Salem Witch Trials. Neurotic adults spurred on a couple of fantasy prone kids and, before you know it, there were bonfires of little old ladies. I think it’s telling that, in every case, the accused were said to have had unnatural sex with the devil. Of course, this opens the door to “natural” sex with the Devil but that’s beside the point.

Nobody spoke out and yet and you just know that at least of few of the locals must have recognized nutty behavior when they saw it. The reason for their silence is clear enough. They were afraid of being condemned. When hysteria breaks out, even if you never fooled around – naturally or unnaturally – with the Devil, it doesn’t matter. You’re going to be accused for the sins that exist mostly in the heads of the accusers.


A simple truth – if you want the truth – is that run away emotion speaks to an unresolved conflict in the individual. The guy who wants to kill all Queers is not the guy you want standing behind you in the Men’s Room. The same applies to those who would kill all pedophiles {or CP viewers, who may or may not be pedophiles} but love coaching the junior softball team.

Now for the best part:

Years ago, I did some work for a police department in a major US city. Walking past Vice, I noticed a detective watching a kiddy porn video. When I asked about it, he told me he watched for a few hours every day. It stimulated him to go out and catch the “%#@%$# Chicken Hawks.” I abhor crudity to animals so maybe I should spend time watching cock, dog and bull fights? It might stimulate me…you think?

Sounds like a sweet job for a child porn fan. Finally some very sage advice from Dr. Mason:

When a finger points, don’t look at where it’s pointed before you first look at whose doing the pointing.

That’s got ‘Ernie Allen’ written ALL OVER IT.

2 Responses to “Fox in the Hen House – Take 2”

  1. Anon Says:

    Hey… Irrelevant to the post, but I just wanted to let you know, I have read all your posts and find your writing to be very interesting, and your views encouraging. Keep up the good work!

    (Vague side-question-thing: If child porn is illegal because the child cannot consent, what happens if the child, after becoming an adult, is fine with the distribution of the material? The subject of the porn would now be able to give legal consent, so would the material still be illegal?)

    • cpexplosion Says:

      Hello, thank you for the question, but in the U.S. what constitutes child pornography has nothing to do with the ability or inability of the child to consent. One of the largest problems with the child porn laws in the U.S. is that they are based so much on subjective rather than objective criteria. It is simply not possible for anyone to know in advance if any image of any person who appears to be under 18 years of age is or is not child pornography.

      Almost every imaginable abuse of prosecutorial power has already been documented. This includes a case where a prosecutor continued to pursue child pornography charges against a defendant even after the person depicted in the image was proven to be over 18 years of age at the time the images was taken. But the prosecutor felt that the defendant previously believed that the image was of a person under 18 years of age, and thus prosecution on child pornography charges was justified.

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