Innocent Images Project

October 11, 2008

In about a week I want to launch the Innocent Images Project. This project will slowly amass and present to you images that have been suspected of being child porn, but have been cleared of that accusation.

Given the habit of the media to blindly repeat the mantra that child porn is a permanent record of children being sexually abused I think it’s important for the public to know and see just what kind of images were suspected, but fortunately cleared, of being permanent records of children being sexually abused.

In my opinion, any adult who cannot look at an image of a naked child without being disturbed or disgusted may have some kind of disorder or phobia and should seek professional help.

3 Responses to “Innocent Images Project”

  1. Old Friend of GC Says:

    WordPress might not take kindly to your project. If you’re not already planning to, I’d suggest a host such as XS4ALL (Netherlands) or one of the hosts listed at:

  2. still young Says:

    Thanks for getting the message out there. People need to hear that the child porn hysteria is getting too far beyond reason.

  3. cpexplosion Says:

    Hi Old Friend, T/U for the advice. I was planning to run Innocent Images at another site but getting it setup is proving frustrating. The Pirate Bay runs a blog service based on the WordPress CMS, but my registration is not working right. So, delay-delay-delay. And T/U for the link. I didn’t know about most of those hosts.

    Hi still young, T/U for the compliment.

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